little man

he/him - gay goth cowboy


actually while i'm at it if any mutualz want 2 add me on discord 2 chat, send me a msg or rb this ,, i'm definitely a lot easier to get ahold of on there KJGNKNH

tbh? i'm proudest of this piece out of all the ones i've done so far today

this one was for @ denki on artfight >:)

my artfight is @ fshrat if anyone is Inch Erested

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im gonna test how art + resolution looks by posting some doodle i did

I switched to something else bc the shadows and details (and pure exhaustion on my PC) became tiresome. I'm not sure how I feel about the deatil lost/effect gained. But such is art.

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a bad decision disguised as a Friend.....................

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forbidden friend

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Pure! Of Heart

Dumb! Of Ass

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heres my meet the artist thing for this year im just a creature

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we are just......... litle creachers. thatse it. we canot change this

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A cat just walked into our house. A real cat. We dont have any cats. Who Are You.

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i just want to visit

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everyone on this site makes me go uwu

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a squirrel just stole all my bones and left me to die in the park

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slaps my head

this bad boy can fit so much stupid inside of it

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This is my Warriors sona, Vixenfeather! They're a lazy young Warrior who just wants to have a good time and make friends. The clan they're in differs from rp to rp, but if we're talking canon clans and not fan-clans, they'd be in Skyclan! The base is by Loafbud on DA!

there she is

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Gay Baby Hours

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did you mean: every hour

[ID start: a page of 4 black and white doodles of Snufkin. Snufkin is a man with a light skin tone, short hair, and a tail like a lion. He is wearing a big pointed hat with a flower crown around it or a feather stuck on it, as well as a large baggy shirt, pants, and boots with straps, The first drawing is him standing and smoking his pipe, The second is him closing his eyes as he sits with his legs crossed, playing the harmonica. The third is him holding onto the straps of his backpack as he smiles. The fourth is him sitting on a bench as he raises his hands up. end ID]

snuf snuf snuf snuf SNUFKIN!!!!!!